2022 IPAA
National Conference

IPAA’s national conference is the premier event for those working in the public purpose sector.

IPAA has held a national conference on public administration since 1958 and hosted the Garran Oration — one of IPAA’s richest and most public contributions to discussion and debate on public administration — since 1959.

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2021 IPAA National Conference

2022 IPAA National Conference

Join us for three days of debate and conversation on Australia’s place and future in an everchanging world at the IPAA National Conference at QT Canberra. 

Australia’s geopolitical environment is shifting. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tensions being played out on the world stage, the move to a net-zero emissions future, a global war for talent and growing polarisation in democracies all have international and domestic repercussions for Australia.

The IPAA National Conference, hosted by IPAA ACT, will explore Australia’s future in an increasingly uncertain world; the effects of change and the changes that we can affect. Crafted to provide both strategic and practical learning for all levels, it will equip you with the insight, skills and connections to keep pace in a new hybrid, dynamic and unchartered world.

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