The IPAA National Council meets three times each year and operates in accordance with its Constitution and Corporate Governance Charter.

Council Members

Professor Peter Shergold AC

Professor Peter Shergold AC is the IPAA National President. He is the Chancellor of Western Sydney University and a former Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley is the IPAA National Treasurer. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Charted Accountants (Australia and New Zealand) and a Fellow of CPA Australia.

Ray Lane

Ray Lane is the IPAA National Secretary. Ray is one of only two National Fellows to have received an IPAA Meritorious Service Award.

Craig Allen

Craig Allen represents IPAA Northern Territory. He is the former Commissioner for Public Employment in the Northern Territory, Northern Territory Government.

Jacquie Allen

Jacqui Allen represents IPAA Tasmania. She is the Deputy-Secretary, Cultural and Tourism Development, Department of State Growth, Government of Tasmania.

Martin Hoffman

Martin Hoffman represents IPAA NSW. He is the former Secretary, Department of Finance, Services & Innovation, Government of New South Wales.

Colin Murphy PSM represents IPAA Western Australia. He is a former Auditor General for Western Australia.

Samantha Palmer

Samantha Palmer represents IPAA ACT. She is the Deputy Commissioner, Strategy & Support, Australian Taxation Office.

Kym Peake

Kym Peake represents IPAA Victoria. She is the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services, Government of Victoria.

Erma Ranieri

Erma Ranieri represents IPAA South Australia. She is the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, Government of South Australia.

Robert Setter

Robert Setter represents IPAA Queensland. He is the Chief Executive, Public Service Commission, Queensland Government.