IPAA National Fellows are those members who have been recognised as having made outstanding contributions to public service and to IPAA.

Nominations for national fellows are made annually by IPAA Division Presidents and assessed by a sub-committee of the IPAA National Council.

New fellows are announced by the IPAA National President at a dinner function preceding the IPAA National Conference. Once awarded, national fellows are entitled to use the postnominal FIPAA.

List of 2023
National Fellows

Professor Mark Evans

Dr Damian West PSM (posthumously awarded)


In his last role as head of the Office of Industrial Relations and Workforce Strategy, Damian played a crucial role in shaping the culture and practices of the Australia Capital Territory Public Service (ACTPS).

Damian’s exceptional leadership in navigating challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and commitment to progressive enterprise bargaining and expertise in complex industrial, Work Health and Safety (WHS), and employment matters earned him respect from Ministers, Directors-General, and colleagues. His contribution as Deputy Victorian Public Service Commissioner was also exemplary during a time of significant workplace modernisation.

His contribution to IPAA as National Secretary and member of the IPAA ACT Council further highlights his dedication to public service.


Damian West embodied what it means to be a dedicated public servant.

Commissioner Chris Dawson APM

Katherine Jones PSM


Katherine Jones PSM is Secretary of the Attorney-General’s Department. Katherine commenced in this role in August 2021. Prior to her appointment as Secretary, Katherine was the Associate Secretary of the Department of Defence. She was appointed to that position in June 2020, where her portfolio included oversight of the Chief Information Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Deputy Secretary of Defence People and Deputy Secretary of Estate and Infrastructure. In addition, Katherine was responsible for Defence enterprise planning, performance and risk management functions, and the integration of all corporate enabling services which included the delivery of the Defence Transformation Strategy and the Defence Data Strategy.

In 2017, Katherine received a Public Service Medal for her outstanding contribution in the field of national security.

Christine Feldmanis

David Hazlehurst


David Hazelhurst is the CEO, Services Australia and Deputy President of IPAA ACT, having joined the board in May 2021.

He is a member of the IPAA ACT Finance Risk and Audit Committee and has served on the IPAA ACT Council since September 2019.

David previously led the team supporting the Review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Prior to joining the department, David led the secretariat for the myGov User Audit to design the future of myGov as a gateway for government services.

He has held Deputy Secretary positions in the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Austrade and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

David’s experience spans policy development, research and analysis, and service delivery. 

Adam Fennessy APM

Tracey Slatter


Tracey has been a valued IPAA Victoria supporter and member for many years and is well known among her peers for her continuous and committed contribution to IPAA Victoria as well as her valuable and unique input towards developing Victoria’s public purpose sector to be the best it can be.

Tracey has extensive executive leadership in the public sector including in her current role as Chief Executive Officer of the Transport Accident Commission. Tracey has diverse experience across the public purpose sector including Managing Director, Barwon Water; CEO of City of Port Phillip; CEO of Colac Otway Shire and senior roles in the Victorian Public Service.

With this breadth of experience, Tracey was awarded IPAA Victoria Fellowship in 2013, has been an elected member of the IPAA Victoria Board since 2019 and was elected IPAA Victoria Deputy President in 2022.

Dr Jenny Gray PSM

Dr Garry Hunt PSM


Dr Garry Hunt PSM has made outstanding contributions to public administration through his work in the local government sector in Western Australia. As a local government leader, Garry has earned recognition for his innovation, vision, business acumen and his collaborative and engaging leadership. Dr Hunt has played a significant role in influencing the development of major policy initiatives and improving service delivery to the community, and epitomises the true spirit of leadership and commitment with his devotion to local government and the communities and people they represent.

Jennifer Mason

Kathrina LO


Kathrina was appointed NSW Public Service Commissioner in April 2020, after previously working as a Deputy Secretary for the Department of Communities and Justice.

Kathrina has extensive public sector experience with both state and federal governments. She has held senior executive roles in the NSW Department of Justice, NSW Audit Office and NSW Information and Privacy Commission. Kathrina is on the Board of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government and is a member of Chief Executive Women.

Kathrina has qualifications in law and economics. She is passionate about working in the public interest, and is a champion for diversity and inclusion.

Rick Persse

Shaun Smith


Shaun is a former Deputy Secretary, Corporate Service Partners, Department of Industry. Prior to joining the Department of Industry, Shaun held roles as Director, Executive Director and Managing Director for the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI). At DFSI, Shaun was responsible for setting up the Strategic Programs and Performance Management Office, reporting to the Secretary.

Prior to joining NSW State Government, Shaun held large commercial roles within property, engineering & construction.

Robert Setter

Madeleine Culbert


As a former Councillor and CEO, Madeleine Culbert led IPAA NSW from being a stable, well-performing business to one with new relevance and a large impact. She steered IPAA NSW through the turbulent times of the pandemic and the constantly changing public sector environment, reinventing the organisation for new growth, member value and strong financial security. Her vision, energy, focus and skilful stakeholder engagement and the building of trusting relationships has helped to build a very bright and sustainable future for an organisation that is so important in supporting those who serve the people of NSW

List of 2022
National Fellows

Professor Mark Evans

Dr Steven Kennedy PSM


Dr Steven Kennedy has made an exemplary contribution to Australia and its public administration through his significant policy leadership and advice to Government during times of crisis during both the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Global Financial Crisis.

His work to develop and deliver effective policy advice to Executive Government in a wide range of areas including climate change, infrastructure, transport, and macro and microeconomic policy has been outstanding.

Dr Kennedy’s personal values and outstanding efforts to build capability and leadership throughout Australian public administration both in his work and as President of IPAA ACT, is also acknowledged through this Fellowship.

Commissioner Chris Dawson APM

Kevin Riley


Kevin Riley has made significant contributions to public administration through his work as a financial and governance trainer who has developed programs over decades to build the capability of public servants across a number of jurisdictions.

As a long term member of IPAA and the IPAA National Council Treasurer for more than 10 years, Kevin has also ensured the ongoing support of quality practice of public administration through effective stewardship of the national organisation supporting public servants.

Christine Feldmanis

Elizabeth Mildwater


Elizabeth Mildwater has worked in some of the most important ‘back of house’ areas of public sector service delivery, including the development of Sydney’s contactless Opal Card for public transport services. Her work has also made a major economic and social contribution to NSW, through the better integration of transport services across the wider Sydney areas.

More recently her responsibilities have broadened beyond Sydney into strategic planning for the area that covers the Illawarra/Shoalhaven/Wollongong area in the south and Greater Newcastle in the north. This work involves developing an overall whole-of-government strategic plan for the region and a plan for each of the six cities it contains and the more than 5 million people who live within this region.

Through her involvement in our governance structures and at our events, Ms Mildwater has also made a major contribution to the stability and growth of IPAA NSW.

Adam Fennessy APM

William Murphy PSM


William Murphy has made a major contribution to the public sector’s use of data and analytics; areas that have been repeatedly identified as essential capabilities for all public sector leaders.

His work was of particular importance during the COVID-19 pandemic where his leadership, knowledge and expertise helped shape the NSW Government’s Delta-variant communication strategy, firstly in South-Western Sydney, and then across the state.

During his seventeen-year career with the NSW government, William Murphy has brought a strategic focus to his work, innovating to improve outcomes for the sector and the people of NSW.

His work has created significant improvements across the NSW public sector and through his involvement with IPAA NSW, he has shown a deep personal commitment to ensuring that the people working in our sector continue to grow and upskill.

Dr Jenny Gray PSM

Elaine Carbines AM


Elaine Carbines has had a diverse public sector career, serving in a number of different leadership roles including school teacher, elected representative, community campaigner and public servant. Elaine has used her experience as an elected representative to advocate for improved infrastructure, services and facilities in the Geelong region and its smaller towns.

Her honed stakeholder relationship skills and a commitment to delivering community outcomes saw her appointed to the Chief Executive Officer at the not-for-profit G21 Geelong Regional Alliance in 2010. In 2020, Elaine was awarded a Member of the Order Australia for her significant contribution to the environment and conservation.

Elaine champions the values of IPAA Victoria in her work and beyond. Connecting, collaborating and being agile are fundamental to her leadership style. Her commitment to continuous improvement and innovation are critical to many successes. Elaine has upheld the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour throughout her long and diverse career. Above all, she has worked tirelessly to promote inclusivity and diversity by breaking down social barriers and creating opportunities for all at the local level.

Jennifer Mason

Rachel Hunter PSM


Rachel Hunter, is a distinguished and accomplished public purpose leader, having led various public sector portfolios over an extensive career where she has driven significant public sector development and reform. She brings an outcomes-focused and values-led leadership style.

Ms Hunter is the first female Director-General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in Queensland. She is a member of the Trade and Investment Queensland Board, Building Queensland Board and the National First Secretaries Group. She also serves as the Deputy Chancellor, Griffith University and has chaired the Board of Jobs Queensland providing industry and evidence-based advice on skills needs and workforce planning, and has served as the Chair of Children’s Health Queensland.

In 2020, Ms Hunter was awarded a Public Service Medal for outstanding public service to the community of Queensland.

Rick Persse

Gail McGowan PSM


Gail McGowan has more than 20 years’ experience in senior positions across State Government. She is a leader who is passionate about creating a values and culture driven workplace and championing inclusion and diversity.

Gail has extensive experience and leadership in initiatives including major public sector reform and the review and implementation of legislation across multiple portfolios including Planning, Lands, Heritage and Aboriginal Heritage. Gail has recently played a key role in WA’s planning reform agenda to support the State’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Gail’s commitment to the public sector is recognised by her Public Service Medal in 2019.

Gail is a strong advocate and supporter of IPAA WA. She has spoken at various IPAA WA events, mentored IPAA WA members, and serves on the IPAA WA Achievements Awards judging panel. In recognition of her significant achievements to the public sector and contributions to IPAA WA, Gail was awarded an IPAA WA Fellowship in 2022.

Robert Setter

Ken Davies PSM


For many years Ken Davies has served the Northern Territory in remote communities and in the capital and every in-between. In all that he does Ken is a passionate ‘steward of the sector’, advocating that public service is a ‘noble cause’. He celebrates our successes. He understands the strategic importance of the Northern Territory to Australia’s long-term success. He believes in the Territory. He knows that debate on public service issues leads to better outcomes.

Ken doesn’t shy away from the conversations that are needed but does so with one simple objective in mind: how can we grow greater public value for our communities? How can we be the best? He collaborates with his colleagues and develops his teams to grow public value across the NT.

Over forty years Ken has served the Northern Territory and helped shape the NTPS as a place where public servants thrive and deliver. Ken Davies PSM is the very model of a modern public servant.

Dr Jenny Gray PSM

David Brown


As Chief Executive of the Department for Correctional Services (DCS), South Australia, and member of the Criminal Justice Reform Council, David is driving wide-ranging reform across the system to increase public confidence through improving service delivery and ensuring service is just and fair. He has embedded a culture of learning and improvement to change established thinking and practices through major initiatives including Shaping Corrections as a driver of innovation for DCS through collaboration and improvement.

As Co-Chair, Aboriginal Affairs Executive Committee, David is committed to improving outcomes for indigenous people across the South Australian Criminal Justice System and led the delivery of the DCS Gender Equality and Respect (GET) Action Plan and the DCS Women’s Offender Framework and Action Plan which provided targeted cultural support for Indigenous women and linked to Justice Sector Reform, Justice Reinvestment and large-scale reform supporting women’s safety and equality.

David continues to deliver strong evidence-based policy initiatives across key strategic directions to create a safer and fairer society for all South Australians.

Jennifer Mason

Nerida Saunders PSM


Nerida Saunders is a proud Murri Woman from the Kamilaroi Nation, and Executive Director of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, Attorney-General’s Department, South Australian Government. Her career spans areas of social justice and child protection, having been the first Aboriginal Executive Director of Children, Youth and Family Services, South Australia.

Nerida has a strong focus on improving the lives of indigenous people. She has been Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Affairs Executive Committee (AAEC) since 2020 and worked on developing Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP). As a member of the Premier’s Council for Women, she brings a strong voice for indigenous women, sharing her expertise and insight to ensure women’s interests and needs of women are at the forefront of the South Australian Government’s policies and strategies.

In 2016 Nerida was awarded the Public Service Medal for outstanding public service in the provision of leadership and advocacy in the area of Aboriginal affairs and reconciliation. Her commitment to social justice, women’s rights and equality and strong advocacy for indigenous rights and reconciliation have positioned her as a passionate role model for the next generation of Aboriginal Leaders in the public sector.

List of 2021
National Fellows

Commissioner Chris Dawson APM

Robert Alder

IPAA New South Wales

Professor Mark Evans

Ruth Ambler

IPAA South Australia

Christine Feldmanis

Sue Ash AO

IPAA Western Australia

Adam Fennessy APM

Emma Hogan

IPAA New South Wales

Dr Jenny Gray PSM

Michael Manthorpe PSM


Jennifer Mason

Caroline Mealor

IPAA South Australia

Rick Persse

Neil Scales OBE

IPAA Queensland

Robert Setter

Dr Vivienne Thom AM


List of 2020
National Fellows

Commissioner Chris Dawson APM

Chris Dawson APM

IPAA Western Australia

Professor Mark Evans

Professor Mark Evans


Christine Feldmanis

Christine Feldmanis

IPAA New South Wales

Adam Fennessy APM

Adam Fennessy PSM

IPAA Victoria

Dr Jenny Gray PSM

Dr Jenny Gray PSM

IPAA Victoria

Jennifer Mason

Elizabeth Kelly PSM


Rick Persse

Rick Persse

IPAA South Australia

Robert Setter

Robert Setter

IPAA Queensland

Mark Webb

Mark Webb

IPAA New South Wales

List of 2019
National Fellows

Frances Adamson

Frances Adamson


Ms Julie Crisp

Julie Crisp

IPAA Northern Territory

John Hubby

John Hubby

IPAA New South Wales

Sue McCarrey

Sue McCarrey

IPAA Western Australia

James Purtill

James Purtill

IPAA Queensland

Liz Quinn

Liz Quinn


Dr Gillian Sparkes

Dr Gillian Sparkes

IPAA Victoria

Janet Schorer PSM

Janet Schorer PSM

IPAA New South Wales

Cathy Taylor

Cathy Taylor

IPAA South Australia

Dean Yates

Dean Yates

IPAA Victoria

List of 2018 
National Fellows

Teresa Anderson

Dr Teresa Anderson AM

IPAA New South Wales

Cheryl Batagol PSM

Cheryl Batagol PSM

IPAA Victoria

Glenn King

Glenn King

IPAA New South Wales

Alison Larkins

Alison Larkins


Nina Lyhne

Nina Lyhne

IPAA Western Australia

David Martine PSM

David Martine PSM

IPAA Victoria

Bronwen Overton-Clarke PSM

Bronwen Overton-Clarke PSM


David Reynolds

David Reynolds

IPAA South Australia

Brendan Sargeant

Brendan Sargeant


Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart

IPAA Queensland

List of Previous 
National Fellows


Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM — IPAA ACT

Daniel Butler — IPAA South Australia

Susan Hunt — IPAA Western Australia

Elizabeth Koff — IPAA New South Wales

Renée Leon — IPAA ACT

Jennifer Mason — IPAA New South Wales

Ben Rimmer — IPAA Victoria

Dr Helen Sullivan — IPAA Victoria


Jane Halton AO PSM — IPAA ACT

Martin Hoffman — IPAA New South Wales

Tim Mares — IPAA South Australia

Sharyn O’Neill — IPAA Western Australia

Samantha Palmer — IPAA ACT

Kym Peake — IPAA VIctoria

Adrian Robb — IPAA Victoria

Paul Sutton — IPAA South Australia


Glenys Beauchamp PSM — IPAA ACT

Richard Bolt PSM — IPAA Victoria

Margaret Crawford — IPAA New South Wales

Chris Eccles AO — IPAA Victoria

Anne Gale — IPAA South Australia

Cheryl Gwilliams  — IPAA Western Australia

Graham Head — IPAA New South Wales

Greg Johannes — IPAA Tasmania

Kathy Leigh — IPAA ACT

George Masri — IPAA ACT

Susan Pascoe AO — IPAA Victoria


Mike Allen PSM — IPAA New South Wales

Yehudi Blacher PSM — IPAA Victoria

Gill Callister PSM — IPAA Victoria

Robert Cockerell — IPAA Tasmania

Cath Ingram — IPAA ACT

Geoffrey Knight AFSM — IPAA South Australia

Paul O’Connor — IPAA ACT

Dr Martin Parkinson AC PSM — IPAA ACT

Richard Sellers — IPAA Western Australia

David Tune AO PSM — IPAA ACT

Leanne Wallace — IPAA New South Wales


Michael Coutts-Trotter — IPAA New South Wales

Peter Duncan AM — IPAA New South Wales

Andrew Jackomos PSM — IPAA Victoria

Colin Murphy PSM — IPAA Western Australia

Dr Claire Noone — IPAA Victoria

Sandy Pitcher — IPAA South Australia

Stephen Sedgwick AO — IPAA ACT

Jane Spring PSM — IPAA New South Wales

Andrew Tongue PSM — IPAA Victoria

Alison Turner — IPAA ACT

Dr Ian Watt AC — IPAA ACT


Mike Blake — IPAA Tasmania

John Comrie — IPAA South Australia

Barry Dunphy — IPAA Queensland

Peter Harris — IPAA Victoria

Carmel McGregor — IPAA ACT

Andrew Metcalfe — IPAA ACT

Donna Rygate — IPAA New South Wales

Nazha Saad — IPAA New South Wales

Grahame Searle — IPAA Western Australia

Fran Thorn — IPAA Victoria

Prof Ian Thynne — IPAA Northern Territory

Jennifer Westacott — IPAA New South Wales

Dr Peter Wilkins — IPAA Western Australia


Peter Achterstraat — IPAA New South Wales

Stephen Bartos — IPAA ACT

Don Challen — IPAA Tasmania

Prof Peter Dawkins — IPAA Victoria

Illana Halliday — IPAA New South Wales

Eric Lumsden PSM — IPAA Western Australia

Erma Ranieri — IPAA South Australia

Dr Kerry Schott — IPAA New South Wales

Ian Stewart APM — IPAA Queensland

Lynne Tacy — IPAA ACT

Gerard Vaughan AM — IPAA Victoria

Christopher Williams — IPAA Western Australia


Dr Lynn Allen — IPAA Western Australia

Euan Ferguson AFSM — IPAA South Australia

Russell Grove PSM — IPAA New South Wales

Allan Holmes — IPAA South Australia

Helen Jones — IPAA Northern Territory


Chloe Munro — IPAA Victoria

Mary-Ann O’Loughlin — IPAA New South Wales

Dr Anne Tiernan — IPAA Queensland

Jane Woodruff — IPAA New South Wales


Bob Atkinson APM — IPAA Queensland

Elaine Bensted — IPAA South Australia

Peter Connelly — IPAA New South Wales

Grant Hehir — IPAA Victoria

Mal Hyde AO APM — IPAA South Australia

Lisa Paul PSM — IPAA ACT

Pam Rutledge — IPAA New South Wales

Len Scanlan — IPAA Queensland

Helen Silver — IPAA Victoria


Margaret Allison — IPAA Queensland

Gary Banks AO — IPAA Victoria

Anthony Blunn AO — IPAA ACT

Karin Callaghan — IPAA New South Wales

Peter Henneken — IPAA Queensland

Anne Howe — IPAA South Australia

Prof Andrew Parkin — IPAA South Australia

Helen Williams AO — IPAA ACT


John Alford — IPAA Victoria

Dr Wally Cox — IPAA Western Australia

Tim Farland — IPAA New South Wales

Terry Garwood — IPAA Victoria

Dr Jeff Harmer — IPAA ACT

John Kirwan — IPAA Northern Territory

Maxine Murray — IPAA Western Australia

Prof Peter Shergold AC — IPAA ACT

Gary Storkey — IPAA South Australia

Jim Varghese — IPAA Queensland


Prof John McMillan — IPAA ACT

Michael Taylor — IPAA ACT

Deborah Sandars — IPAA New South Wales

Ray Lane — IPAA Queensland

Dr Vince Fitzgerald — IPAA Victoria

Penny Armytage — IPAA Victoria

Elizabeth Ho — IPAA South Australia


Robert Cornall — IPAA ACT

Lewis Hawke — IPAA ACT

Robyn Kruk — IPAA New South Wales

Ian Little — IPAA Victoria

Jude Munro — IPAA Queensland

Christine Nixon — IPAA Victoria

Patty Renfrow — IPAA Queensland

Meryl Stanton — IPAA ACT

Prof John Wanna — IPAA Queensland


Barbara Belcher — IPAA ACT

Andrew Cappie-Wood — IPAA New South Wales

John Carroll — IPAA Northern Territory

Lisa Corbyn — IPAA New South Wales

Patricia Faulkner — IPAA Victoria

Prof Bruce Guerin — IPAA South Australia

Prof John Halligan — IPAA ACT


Percy Allan — IPAA New South Wales

Dr Geoff Gallop — IPAA Western Australia

Terry Moran — IPAA Victoria


Carolyn Burlew — IPAA New South Wales

Bill Cossey — IPAA South Australia

Dr Frank Harman — IPAA Western Australia

Peter Harmsworth — IPAA Victoria

Garry Kellar — IPAA Queensland

Barry Mewett — IPAA ACT

Des Pearson — IPAA Western Australia

David Richmond — IPAA New South Wales


Peter Allen — IPAA Victoria

Carolyn Bloch — IPAA New South Wales

Dr Hal Colebatch — IPAA New South Wales

Prof Meredith Edward — IPAA ACT

Dr Brian Head — IPAA Queensland

Ken Matthews — IPAA ACT


Helen Bauer — IPAA New South Wales

Dr Basil Hetzel AC — IPAA South Australia

Denis Ives — IPAA ACT

Andrew Podger — IPAA ACT

Bill Scales AO — IPAA Victoria

Prof Roger Scott — IPAA Queensland


Bill Blick — IPAA ACT

Janice Connolly — IPAA South Australia

Peter Kennedy PSM — IPAA ACT

Tony Lawson — IPAA South Australia

Warren McCann — IPAA Victoria

Colleen Moore PSM — IPAA New South Wales

Philip Mussared — IPAA Tasmania


Allan Hawke — IPAA ACT

Carolyn Mason — IPAA Queensland

Elizabeth Proust — IPAA Victoria

Jan Smith — IPAA New South Wales

Chris Whitaker — IPAA Western Australia


Col Gellatly — IPAA New South Wales

Ann Forward — IPAA ACT

Sue Vardon AO — IPAA South Australia


Jane Diplock — IPAA New South Wales

Colin Hughes — IPAA Queensland

Les Quinnell — IPAA New South Wales

John Paterson AO — IPAA Victoria

Murray Redman — IPAA Northern Territory

Lionel Woodward — IPAA ACT


Tony Ayers — IPAA ACT

George Bawtree — IPAA New South Wales

Glyn Davis — IPAA Queensland

Elizabeth Harman — IPAA Western Australia

Helen Nelson — IPAA New South Wales

Peter Kirby — IPAA Victoria

Judith Worrall — IPAA South Australia


Peter Coaldrake   — IPAA Queensland

David Hawkes — IPAA Northern Territory

Pamela O’Neill — IPAA ACT

Dr Michael Vertigan — IPAA Tasmania

Philip Wheeler — IPAA New South Wales


Patrick Barrett AM — IPAA ACT

Alison Crook AO — IPAA New South Wales

Robert Smith — IPAA Queensland


Peter Agars — IPAA South Australia

Martin Forrest — IPAA Western Australia

Richard Humphry — IPAA New South Wales

Allan Skinner — IPAA Western Australia

John Taylor AO — IPAA ACT

Wilfred Townsley — IPAA Tasmania

Derek Volker AO — IPAA ACT


John Nethercote — IPAA ACT

David Stevenson — IPAA Queensland


Michael Keating AO — IPAA ACT

Barry Nutter — IPAA South Australia


Roy Cameron — IPAA ACT

Claire Clark — IPAA ACT

Alan Peachment— IPAA Western Australia

Kenneth Rhodes— IPAA Northern Territory

Michael Wood — IPAA Western Australia


Pamela Grant — IPAA New South Wales

Raymond Hodgkinson — IPAA New South Wales

Martin Painter — IPAA New South Wales

Graham Pratt — IPAA New South Wales


Norman Fisher — IPAA ACT

Norman Oakes AO — IPAA New South Wales


Philip Flood AO — IPAA ACT

Peter Murfett — IPAA Tasmania

Ken Taeuber – IPAA South Australia


Richard Connelly – IPAA New South Wales

Jack O’Donnell – IPAA New South Wales


Sir Frederick Wheeler AC CBE – IPAA ACT

Ronald Howatson – IPAA Queensland

Paul Prior – IPAA Victoria

Robert Mackenzie – IPAA Western Australia

John L. Evans – IPAA Tasmania


Hedley Bachmann — IPAA South Australia

Digby Blight — IPAA Western Australia

Brian Burgess — IPAA Western Australia

Ralph Chapman — IPAA Tasmania

Victor Cohen — IPAA New South Wales

David Corbett — IPAA South Australia

Sir John Crawford AC CBE — IPAA ACT

Leslie Crisp — IPAA ACT

Geoffrey Curnow — IPAA New South Wales

Lindsay Curtis — IPAA ACT

Robert Davey — IPAA ACT

The Hon. Justice Rae Else-Mitchell CMG — IPAA ACT

Les Feenaghty MBE — IPAA Queensland

Sir Douglas Fraser ISO — IPAA Queensland

Arthur Gardner — IPAA Victoria

Gerald Glesson — IPAA New South Wales

Howard Hinton — IPAA Queensland

Leslie Hunkin — IPAA South Australia

Thomas Kewley — IPAA New South Wales

Kenneth Knight — IPAA New South Wales

Lionel Milsop — IPAA New South Wales

Robert Parker MBE — IPAA ACT

Leon Peres — IPAA Victoria

Marjory Ramsay — IPAA Victoria

Gordon Reid — IPAA Western Australia

Ronald Robertson — IPAA Western Australia

James See — IPAA Queensland

Duncan R Steele Craik CB OBE — IPAA ACT

Edwin Walder — IPAA New South Wales

Jack Watson — IPAA New South Wales

Roger Wettenhall — IPAA ACT

Peter Wilenski — IPAA ACT

Kenneth Wiltshire — IPAA Queensland