IPAA works with several national organisations to give effect to our purpose, that is, to promote excellence and pride in public service across Australia.

These partnerships enrich our national program of events and thought leadership, our contribution to the study of public administration, and ensure the effective design and delivery of our national conference and award programs.

Diamond Partners

Australia is the world’s largest producer of diamonds, renowned for their beauty and industrial strength.

If you are interested in discussing what it would mean for your organisation to invest in IPAA as a Diamond Partner, and the benefits your organisation would receive in return, please contact our National Executive Director to start a conversation.



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Opals are Australia’s national gemstone, renowned for their iridescent beauty. In Aboriginal dreamtime stories, the opal was created when the colours of the rainbow touched the earth.

The rare beauty of opals is synonymous with the value IPAA places on those organisations who partner with us through contra deals or as value in-kind agreements.

We celebrate their generosity and hard work by according them Opal Partner status.

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Partners with IPAA Divisions

Each IPAA Division has partnerships with a range of organisations. Some of these are sponsored partnerships and others are value in-kind arrangements.

Contact IPAA Divisions directly for more information on their partnership opportunities..