Public Sector Jobs

The public sector is a major employer in Australia with over 2 million people employed in the sector in June 2019.

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in June 2019 showed that the public sector employed 2,046,700 people: 242,100 by the Commonwealth Government, 1,610,600 by State Governments, and 194,000 by Local Governments.

Further details are available from Employment and Earnings, Public Sector, Australia, 2018–19 (cat. no. 6248.0.55.002).

A Public Sector Job

Each government in Australia advertises its new job opportunities online:

At a national level, Mandarin Careers also provides a centralised career development platform with Australia-wide senior leadership opportunities.

Each Council advertises its Local Government jobs on its respective website. A broader cross section of local government jobs are advertised by various employment websites.