2021 IPAA
National Conference

2021 IPAA National Conference


2020 was a year of tumultuous change in which governments were front and centre.

As the pandemic took hold, communities looked to their governments to protect their health and provide for their economic security.

Around the globe, governments accelerated the delivery of digital contactless services, data analytics was elevated with greater sharing and use of real-time data to inform policy, collaboration across organisations and sectors occurred more quickly for greater community impact, and in countries where the health pandemic was better managed, the public’s trust in government rose to levels not seen for decades.

In this hyperconnected world, can governments keep up with the rapid changes in technology and the ever-rising demands from communities for highly personalized 24/7 services?

How well positioned are Australian public sectors to ride this wave of extraordinary change, and further advance service transformation for communities and democratic governance?

The 2021 IPAA National Conference addressed these questions and more. Click here to access the event recording.