We’re all in this together: IPAA adapts to new ways of working in support of Australia’s public sector

Professor Peter Shergold AC announces the 2019 Sam Richardson Award winners

The team at IPAA ACT adjust to a new working from home environment

Like many organisations across Australia, IPAA is repurposing its operations to reflect a new digital-by-default working environment.

Late last week IPAA South Australia hosted Erma Ranieri, Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, in its first virtual ‘On the Couch’ interview. The interview unpacked the risks posed to the South Australian public sector from the coronavirus pandemic, and the response by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment in supporting South Australian public sector employees. A video of her ‘On the Couch’ interview can be viewed on the IPAA Insights page.

Moving to a virtual ‘On the Couch’ interview format — with member questions sourced prior to interview — is just one example of how IPAA is adapting to deliver its events in a digital format. More creative approaches to event delivery by IPAA Divisions are currently in development. As these events are confirmed, a taste of what’s on offer will be shared on the IPAA Events page.

Several IPAA Divisions that offer professional development and training now do so online. IPAA New South Wales and IPAA Western Australia are delivering courses using Zoom videoconferencing, and IPAA Victoria is using Cisco Webex. IPAA South Australia is expected to finalise its arrangements for online training shortly. Information on a selection of upcoming courses can be found on the IPAA Opportunities page.

IPAA is also featuring the findings of some recently published public administration research in an easy-to-read format. This month we showcased the work of three New Zealand researchers who examined how paradoxical leadership contributes to public administration employee resilience.

If you want to keep in touch with your IPAA Division, be sure to subscribe to the IPAA newsletter relevant to your jurisdiction. That way you’ll be the first to know what’s on, what’s new, and what will soon be available. Visit IPAA Newsletters for the subscription links to these newsletters.

And if you are looking for new employment opportunities, visit IPAA’s Public Sector Jobs page which provides links to the job websites and web pages for each government jurisdiction — as well as to the nation-wide Mandarin Careers website.

In spite of the challenges presented by the impacts of coronavirus, IPAA will continue to provide the public sector across Australia with valuable thought leadership, opportunities, and events for members to enjoy throughout the year.