IPAA continues tradition of advancing public administration practice through support of Insight Hack

Professor Peter Shergold AC announces the 2019 Sam Richardson Award winners

Mr Drew Baker, IPAA National Executive Director

IPAA is partnering with the South Australian Public Sector Innovation Lab and Mindhive to provide public servants from all Australian jurisdictions with the opportunity to tackle complex policy issues in a secure, curated environment for Insight Hack 2019.

IPAA National Executive Director Mr Drew Baker said, “Insight Hack is a great opportunity for public servants working across policy and implementation to try a new approach to developing solutions that cross jurisdictional boundaries using the latest digital collaboration technology.

“IPAA has a proud history of advancing the practice of public administration in Australia and our hope is that Insight Hack will provide a fresh experience for public servants from across all levels of government to experiment with.

“Insight Hack will focus on difficult policy issues that are relevant to public servants at all levels of government”, said Mr Baker.

Policy issues in focus will include Governance in the Digital Age, The Future of Work, Meeting Sustainable Development Goals, Closing the Gap, and Mental Health.

Insight Hack will run through October and early November with registrations open to current public servants.

For more information visit the Mindhive website.