ANZSOG looks to build a bridge between researchers and public servants

Professor Peter Shergold AC announces the 2019 Sam Richardson Award winners

Professor Ken Smith, ANZSOG Dean and CEO 

A new initiative to bridge the gap between the research work of academics and the policy work of public servants was announced yesterday by ANZSOG Dean and CEO Ken Smith who said that public sector leaders needed access to research evidence when developing policy.

‘In these times of uncertainty, evidence-based policy and decision-making are more vital than ever.’

‘However, too often researchers lament that the public service ignores their work, while public servants say academic research is not timely or applied to their day-to-day challenges. The Bridge will make vital research available in an accessible format.’

The Bridge is distributed by ANZSOG each fortnight by email. It centres around a Research Brief which distills academic research into an easy-to-read format and will be complemented by other insights into public policy and management.

The Bridge is compiled and curated by Maria Katsonis — a former senior Victorian public servant with more than 20 years’ experience, who is now a Public Policy Fellow at the University of Melbourne. She was previously the curator of The Drop — a joint project between ANZSOG and The Mandarin. Maria is also one of the editors of the Australian Journal of Public Administration.

Anyone interested in reading The Bridge can subscribe to it on the ANSZOG website.