2019–20 Has Been a Crucible for Innovation and Learning in Public Administration and Service

Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM

Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM FIPAA, IPAA National President

IPAA National President, Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM FIPAA, has used his President’s Message in the IPAA National Annual Report 2019–2020 to acknowledge public administration and service across Australia.

‘The past year has seen unique and unexpected challenges faced by public sectors across our nation. COVID-19 has shaken our economic and social systems. Federal and State governments have had to plan and respond at speed and scale. The challenge has provided a crucible for innovation and learning in public administration and service. The creation of a National Cabinet, with its focus on relationships, data and analysis, is one of the biggest changes we have seen to Australian intergovernmental relations in a generation.’

Gordon also expressed his admiration for the way IPAA has responded to these same challenges:

‘IPAA has not been immune to the economic and social impacts of COVID-19, and I would like to express my deep admiration at how IPAA Divisions have pivoted their operations to continue to support the public purpose sector through new online training and digital content: videos, podcasts, news and insights. IPAA Divisions, and IPAA National, have provided ways for those in the public sector to remain connected and informed, and share contemporaneous learnings across Divisions.’

You can read Gordon’s full message in the IPAA National Annual Report 2019–2020 via the link below.


IPAA National Annual Report 2019-2020 cover