Trust, fairness, influence and reform put under the spotlight

Associate Professor Catherine Althaus

Australian Journal of Public Administration Editor in Chief, Associate Professor Catherine Althaus

Trust, fairness, influence and reform are just some of the themes explored by a diverse range of Australian and international authors in the March issue of the Australian Journal of Public Administration.

Some of the research and evaluation highlights in the first issue of Volume 80, include:

  • Trust in government increased during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia and New Zealand by Shaun Goldfinch and Ross Taplin (Curtin University), and Robin Gauld (University of Otago)
  • Independent review of emergency economic stimulus measures: Global Financial Crisis and COVID-19 by Peter Wilkins (Curtin University), David Gilchrist (University of Western Australia) and John Philimore (Curtin University)
  • The concept of the level playing field: Assessing fairness in electoral competition by Marian Sawer (The Australian National University)
  • Royal Commissions and policy influence by Michael Mintrom, Deirdre O’Neill and Ruby O’Connor (Monash University)
  • The political economy of Australian regulatory reform by Darcy W. E. Allen, Chris Berg and Aaron M Lane (RMIT), and Patrick A. McLaughlin (George Mason University, Virginia).

A new practice insight is also available — Designing tools for ‘joined up’ homelessness prevention: Insights from one case study by Emma Riseley (Swinburne University of Technology), Angela Vidic (Access Health and Community, Hawthorn), and David Towl, Andrew Joyce and Kiros Hiruy (Swinburne University of Technology).

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