South Australia’s Man In Charge of Coronavirus Response Immensely Proud of Community

Commissioner Grant Stevens APM in conversation

Grant Stephens APM, Commissioner of South Australia Police in conversation

Commissioner Grant Stevens APM spoke recently about how the South Australia Police response to the coronavirus pandemic has been based on the advice of the Chief Public Health Officer to protect the community of South Australia.

‘It is technically true that the buck stops with me under a major emergency, and as the State Coordinator I have that authority, but I’m not acting in isolation.

It has genuinely been a team effort… collaborating with Health, other emergency services, other key agencies within South Australia and importantly, the community of South Australia.’

The Commissioner reflected that State’s performance in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and the compliance with the restrictions that have been put in place, was testament to the community of South Australia.

‘Overwhelming we’ve seen people doing the right thing and I’m immensely proud of that. I think that shows the true character of our community which is one that is prepared to make some sacrifices to help vulnerable members of  the community.’

He went on to discuss some of the important qualities and behaviours that leaders need to display in times of crisis.

A link to a video of the interview, which included a question and answer session, is available below.

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