PRESS RELEASE: Institute of Public Administration Australia committed to promoting integrity and trust in the public service in light of robodebt findings

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Acknowledging the impact of the robodebt scheme, the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) will continue to work with the public sector to strengthen integrity and rebuild trust.

The recent Royal Commission report into robodebt delivered a scathing review of the scheme and how it had “failed the public interest.”

As an organisation dedicated to excellence and pride in the public service, IPAA takes the findings of this report very seriously.

“IPAA recognises the tremendous impact that this scheme has had on the lives of many Australians. The need for compassion for those affected cannot be underscored enough,” IPAA National Executive Director Caroline Walsh said.

“We welcome the report’s recommendations and want to support the public sector in continually strengthening its integrity frameworks and practices. It is a sobering read for those of us who are committed to the public good and public service.”

“IPAA remains committed to promoting integrity and the principles of good governance, including giving frank and fearless advice. Australia’s public services are generally held in high regard around the world but maintaining that requires ongoing focus on integrity, trust, and capability.”

According to Ms Walsh, recent comments by Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM, now APS Commissioner, on the Work with Purpose podcast series showcase that there is genuine commitment in the public service to tackle the issues raised in the robodebt report.

Dedicated to professional excellence in Australia’s public sector, IPAA has a role to play in helping the public service rebuild, whilst reminding public servants to not lose faith in their work.

“We know that the findings of the robodebt report have distressed many public servants because they genuinely care for the communities they serve and want to do their best work possible,” Ms Walsh said.

“IPAA deeply values the work that public servants do. We’re keen to keep working with public services across Australia to continue to deliver programs that support them to do so.”

“We also invite public sector employees to actively engage with IPAA on integrity issues.”

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