IPAA SA: On the Virtual Couch with Rick Persse

Rick Persse, Chief Executive, Department for Education, Government of South Australia

Rick Persse, Chief Executive of the Department of Education, was IPAA South’s Australia guest for its latest virtual ‘on the couch’ conversation.

During the conversation, Rick reflected on the recent success South Australia has had in reducing coronavirus infection numbers, and how this is providing confidence for a return to face-to-face teaching in the State.

‘Remote learning is good and compared to no learning it’s great.

But let’s not pretend it’s the same as specialist learning in the classroom with a professional educator with access to specialist facilities.

That’s the gold standard. That’s what we aim for.’

He also observed that Year 12 is a right of passage — ‘it’s not something where you’re meant to do your last year at school in your bedroom staring into a laptop’ — and expressed confidence that South Australia would be able to make great strides forward in supporting Year 12 students make the return to a classroom environment.

A link to a video of the interview, which included a question and answer session, is available below.

Virtual On the Couch
with Rick Persse