Best Advice? Work Outside Your Comfort Zone: Cheryl-Anne Moy

Cheryl-anne Moy, Department of Home Affairs

Cheryl-anne Moy, Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer at the Department of Home Affairs

Cheryl-anne Moy, Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Home Affairs, was recently interviewed for the WORK WITH PURPOSE podcast.

Cheryl-anne has played a key role in contributing to a number of taskforces including the National COVID-19 Coordination Committee and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) Committee.

She began her career processing unemployment claims as an APS1 at the Centrelink Regional Office in Redcliffe, Queensland, and reflected on the recent experience gained by APS staff brought in to support the processing of claims by Services Australia.

‘You can’t undo the experience that people have got…

One of the best things you can do is work outside your comfort zone. It increases your confidence, it increases your ability to confront… or tackle the next issue. It gives you resilience.’

And she spoke about the importance of mobility to the public service.

‘Mobility’s a critical process to ensure that the public service is able to respond during these periods of time.

If you look at any of the Deputies and the FAS and the Assistant Secretaries who have taken the COVID-19 response and run with it: all of them have varied experience. They’ve taken different functions, they’ve worked in policy, program delivery, they’ve pushed themselves outside their comfort zones to be able to learn new skills and harness them for when they need them in new jobs.’

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Episode #6: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, with Cheryl-anne Moy