ANZSOG makes new leadership resource available to public managers

Professor Peter Shergold AC announces the 2019 Sam Richardson Award winners

Gill Callister, ANZSOG Vice President, Thought Leadership & Ethics and Integrity.

The Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) has launched a new series to feature the best research and thinking on crisis leadership.

Gill Callister (ANZSOG Vice President, Thought Leadership & Ethics and Integrity) said the ‘Leading in a Crisis’ series would address the need for accurate and timely research, which public leaders desperately need in the midst of a crisis.

‘Public leaders working under pressure need high-quality information from credible sources to assist them to make what are often rapid decisions, forced by times of crisis.’

The series will explore crisis management, leadership and communication — particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic — and will put global expertise in the hands of public managers in Australia and New Zealand.

One of the most recent contributions to this series looks at tackling crises together and the challenges of coordination. The piece by Arjen Boin (Leiden University), Paul ‘t Hart (Utrecht University) and Evert Lindquist (University of Victoria) considers three challenges — coordinating a mega-crisis, balancing existing and newly created coordinating mechanisms, and looking at the longer term —and provides practical recommendations on how organisations respond to them.

Those interested in the series can subscribe to receive ‘Leading in a Crisis’ updates on the ANZSOG website.