A hub for public administration research and best practice

Renee Leon

Professor Renée Leon PSM FIPAA, IPAA National President

From a global pandemic to the emergence of sophisticated artificial intelligence tools, public administration research tackles the difficult questions facing the public sector. The Institute of Public Administration Australia’s (IPAA) new Public Sector Hub brings research and best practice together, in a digestible format. 

Public services around the world over have been confronted with an ever-growing number of challenges.  

When faced with COVID-19, many sprang into action quickly, developing far-reaching public health campaigns and public support mechanisms in record time.  

As we now grapple with the rise of artificial intelligence and the rise of misinformation, countries continue to need good public administration to reap the benefits of technology, but also to create appropriate regulation.  

With the APS reform agenda well under way, the government is focusing on building capability, such as “strategic thinking and foresight, and knowledge and networks in Asia and the Pacific in a highly uncertain world.” 

Public administration researchers are here to help create more certainty around these challenges and tackle emerging issues facing the sector together with practitioners. 

Research allows us to dive deeper into complex issues, better understand the public and its relationship with public services, and helps build a body of evidence to support the continuous improvement of Australian public services. Public administration researchers can freely test new concepts, and develop new methods for the public sector to apply.  

In this space, the Australian Journal of Public Administration has long been the go-to publication to support Australia’s public sector by informing best practice and shining a spotlight on some of public administration’s most pertinent issues.  

If you’re a member with any of IPAA’s divisions, you have free access to the full range of research on public administration, public policy-making, and public sector governance across all levels of government. 

However, we know that time pressure remains high for public servants. This is why IPAA’s new Public Sector Hub wants to bring you this fantastic research and best practice information from the journal and other public sector sources, such as our IPAA divisions, in a format that makes it possible for you to fit it into your day. 

Going forward, each month, we’ll bring you short, digestible articles on recent public administration research and best practice – from the role of humility in leadership to the best ways to further embed integrity in public sector delivery. 

Expect to hear not only about the newest research, but also what it means for public administration practice and some practical tips on how you can improve your work to best service Australia’s communities. 

If you’re a public administration expert yourself and you’re interested in contributing to the Public Sector Hub, get in touch with our editorial team based at IPAA ACT. 

As the public sector continues to take on challenges big and small, we hope the hub can help you develop your skills and grow capability within in the sector.