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The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) is pleased to announce the shortlisted articles for the 2021 Sam Richardson Award.

The Editors of the Australian Journal of Public Administration (AJPA) have provided the six papers they believe to have been the most influential papers published in 2021.

The AJPA is the journal of record on public administration, public management, and public policy in Australia.

The Editors have selected articles that have made a significant contribution to knowledge in the theory or practice of a field and demonstrate capacity to engage diverse readership including practitioners, researchers, teachers, and students.

Links to the articles are included below.

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Mintrom, M., O’Neill, D. and O’Connor, R. ‘Royal commissions and policy influence’. Volume 80, Issue 1, March: 80-96.

Whiteford, P. ‘Debt by design: The anatomy of a social policy fiasco – Or was it something worse?’. Volume 80, Issue 2, June: 340-360.

Mulgan, R. ‘Regulating the post-employment of public officials: Australian experience in an international context’. Volume 80, Issue 2, June: 201-216.

Jones, S., Head, B. and Ferguson, M. ‘In search of policy innovation: Behavioural Insights Teams in Australia and New Zealand’. Volume 80, Issue 3, September: 435-452. 

Williams, K. and Lewis, J. M. ‘Understanding, measuring, and encouraging public policy research impact’. Volume 80, Issue 3, September: 554-564.

Eriksson, E., Gadolin, C., Lindahl, G., Alexandersson, P. and Eriksson, J. ‘Public management in turbulent times: COVID-19 as an ecosystem disruptor’. Volume 80, Issue 4, December 2021: 732-747.

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