You become a member of IPAA by joining through one of the divisions (see links on right).  Each division has its own services and products, and charges its own fees for the different categories of membership it offers (such as individual, corporate, student, retiree etc).

Who can join?

IPAA membership is open to any person:

  • employed in the public sector
  • engaged in the study or teaching of public management
  • having an interest in contemporary public management developments and issues.

What are the benefits?

Divisions offer a range of benefits including but not limited to:

  • seminars on cutting-edge topics involving key public and private sector speakers
  • professional development workshops and training sessions
  • quarterly issues of the Australian Journal of Public Administration, Public Administration Today and other publications
  • newsletters and other communications
  • discounted access to the National Conference, which is held in a different state or territory each year
  • excellent networking opportunities
  • access to awards and prizes.

Most divisions have online or downloadable membership application forms. You can also email or phone for more details and forms.