Sam Richardson Award

The Sam Richardson Award is presented annually to the author of the most influential article published in the Australian Journal of Public Administration.

Each year, AJPA’s Editorial Board and representatives of the IPAA divisions assess a shortlist of articles, with the winner announced at the National Conference.

The Award honours Dr S (Sam) Richardson AO, CBE, the founding principal of the Canberra College of Advanced Education (the forerunner of the University of Canberra), and a principal benefactor of the University of Canberra’s Public Administration Research Trust Fund.

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YearAuthorPaper TitleVolume
2016Dr Dean Carson and Dr Adam WellsteadGovernment with a Cast of Dozens: Policy Capacity, Risks and Policy Work in the Northern Territory
2015Dr Jacquie Hutchinson, Dr Elizabeth Walker and Dr Fiona Haslam McKenzieLeadership in Local Government: ‘No Girls Allowed’
2014Michael Di FrancescoUnder Cover of Westminster: Enabling and Disabling a Public Service Commission in NSW1/12/13
2013Will Sanders Coombs’ Bastard Child: The Troubled Life of CDEP. 01/12/2012
2012Catherine AlthausAssessing the Capacity to Deliver – The BER Experience,01/12/2011
2011Arjen Boin and Paul t'HartOrganising for effective emergency management: Lessons from research01/12/2010
2010Michael LimerickWhat Makes an Aboriginal Council Successful?Ê - Case Studies of Aboriginal Community Government Performance in Far North Queensland01/12/2009
2009Honourable Jocelyn BourgonThe Future of the Public Service: A search for a New Balance01/12/2008
2008R.A.W Rhodes and Prof John WannaThe Limits to Public Value, or Rescuing Responsible Government from the Platonic Guardians01/12/2007
2006Jennifer CraikDilemmas in Policy Support for the Arts and Cultural Sector01/12/2005
2005Jenny FlemingLes Liaisons Dangereuses:Ê Relations Between Police Commissioners and Their Political Masters01/09/2004
2004David AdamsNavigating the Future:Ê A Case Study of Growing Victoria Together01/06/2003
2003Dr Patrick Bishop and Professor Glyn DavisMapping Public Participation in Policy Choices01/03/2002
2002Professor Richard MulganAuditors-General:Ê Cuckoos in the Managerialist Nest?01/06/2001
2001Dr Michael Di FrancescoAn Evaluation Crucible:Ê Evaluating Policy Advice in Australian Central Agencies01/03/2000
2001Professor Richard MulganComparing Accountability in the Public and Private Sectors01/03/2000
2000Dr Shaun GoldfinchRemaking Australia's Economy Policy:Ê Economic Policy Decision Makers During the Hawke Keating Labor Government01/06/1999
2000Professor John QuigginThe Future of Government:Ê Mixed Economy or Minimal State?01/12/1999
1999David de CarvalhoThe Captain is a Schizophrenic!' or Contradictions in the Concept of the Steering State01/06/1998
1998Professors Pat Weller and John WannaDepartmental Secretaries:Ê Appointment, Termination and Their Impact01/12/1997
1997Gary SturgessVirtual Government:Ê What Will Remain Inside the Public Sector?01/09/1996
1997Professor John QuigginCompetitive Tendering and Contracting in the Australian Public Sector01/09/1996
1996Dr Robert GregoryThe Peculiar Tasks of Public Management: Towards Conceptual Discrimination01/06/1995
1995Professor Anna YeatmanThe Reform of Public Management:Ê An Overview01/09/1994
1994Dr John AlfordTowards a New Public Management Model:Ê Beyond ÔManagerialismÕ and Its Critics01/06/1993
1993Professor Owen HughesPublic Management or Public Administration?01/09/1992