Work with Purpose

A National Perspective
Global Perspectives

A special podcast series exploring the way public services across Australia, and internationally, have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, and examining some of the adaptations to public administration that may occur during the recovery phase.


Global Perspectives - Fiji's Coordinated Response to COVID-19 with Bernadette Welch PSM, 7 September 2020

COVID-19 has shown the public service what's possible – with Erma Ranieri, 27 August 2020

Fundamentally Changing Service Delivery – with Dave Stewart, 20 August 2020

Public Sector Reform on Steroids – with Sharyn O'Neill, 3 August 2020

Leading Victoria From Crisis to Recovery - with Chris Eccles AO, 5 June 2020

‘A National Perspective’ is part of the WORK WITH PURPOSE podcast series produced in partnership between contentgroup and IPAA ACT, with the support of the Australian Public Service Commission.