IPAA is proud to partner with the South Australian Public Sector Innovation Lab and Mindhive to provide public servants from all Australian jurisdictions the opportunity to tackle complex policy issues in a secure, curated environment for Insight Hack 2019.

Insight Hack enables public servants from across Australia to connect over a six-week period and bring their collective policy and implementation experience to bear on some of the most complex and challenging policy issues facing Australia.

Discussion has now opened on three policy challenges  — Government in the Digital Age; The Future of Work in Australia: Preparing Australia’s Workforce; and Mental Health: Towards Zero Suicides.

Our hope is that Insight Hack will enable public servants to share their intelligence, experience and creative thinking in ways that collectively build momentum towards solutions too difficult for any one jurisdiction to resolve independently of others.

Not registered? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to join the Hack —  and being online you can dip in and out of the discussions in a way that works for you.