The Institute of Public Administration Australia produces two main publications:  the Australian Journal of Public Administration, a quarterly journal, and Public Administration Today, a quarterly magazine.

AJPA cover

Australian Journal of Public Administration (AJPA)

AJPA is available free of charge to all IPAA members. This journal is published quarterly and is committed to the study and practice of public administration, public management and policy making.

Aimed at a diverse readership, the Australian Journal of Public Administration encourages research, reflection and commentary amongst those interested in a range of public sector settings – federal, state, local and inter-governmental. The journal focuses on Australian concerns, but welcomes manuscripts relating to international developments of relevance to the Australian experience.

To access AJPA online

Click Here or consider becoming a member of IPAA in your State or Territory. Already a member? Contact your division for your user name and password.





 Public Administration Today

Public Administration Today (Today) is the national magazine for members of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA).Today aims to report IPAA activities, promote and celebrate achievements in Australian public sector management, disseminate information about major trends and developments, and facilitate discussion and debate.

The ACT Division of IPAA, with the support of National Council and State and Territory Divisions, publishes Today quarterly. The magazine is mailed to members and is available online via a username and password (note: IPAA members can obtain username and password details  from their local IPAA office).

Today welcomes contributions from anyone with an interest in public sector management in Australia.

Divisional publications

Some states and territories publish their own newsletters.

ACT IPAA E-Newsletter – monthly public e-newsletter
NSW Ignite – news and publications website
Weekly e-newsletter for members
SA Public Sector Perspectives – news and research articles
Focal Point – newsletter
eNews – latest events
 VIC iNews – monthly public e-newsletter
 WA iNews – fortnightly public e-newsletter

Most Divisions offer a downloadable version (pdf) of their annual report. Some also offer Forum papers, training program guides, published research, summaries of presentations, speeches and conferences.