Sponsors and affiliates

IPAA has partnerships/ memorandums of understanding with several international organsiations with similar charters to IPAA. Through these channels, IPAA exchanges speakers and papers on public management topics internationally as well as tapping ideas on from other jurisdictions on new ways to serve membership needs.

Institute of Public Administration Canada

IPAC researches current interest in public administration through working groups, roundtables, forums, conferences and study teams, with an emphasis on group-oriented action research.


American Society for Public Administration

With a diverse membership composed of over 10,000 scholars, practitioners, teachers and students, ASPA is the largest and most prominent professional association in the field of public administration.



 Institute of Public Administration New Zealand

The Institute of Public Administration New Zealand is a voluntary, non-profit organisation committed to promoting informed debate on issues already significant in the way New Zealanders govern themselves, or which are emerging as issues calling for decisions on what sorts of laws and management New Zealanders are prepared to accept.

Other affiliates include:

  • Chinese Public Administration Society (CPAS)
  • Eastern Regional Organisation for Public Administration (EROPA)
  • Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM)
  • International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA)
  • International Institute of Administrative Services (IIAS).