Spann Oration

The Spann Oration was inaugurated in honour of the memory of Richard Neville Spann, who held the Chair of Government and Public Administration at Sydney University from 1954 to 1981. He worked extensively with State and Commonwealth Governments and was the Chairman of the Administrative Research Committee of the NSW State Public Service Board.


Professor Spann was a long time supporter of the Institute of Public Administration Australia and a prolific contributor to IPAA’s work. For example, he edited the then Public Administration, now the Australian Journal of Public Administration for 20 years. As a prominent academic, writer and critic, Professor Spann made a great contribution to public administration in Australia.



Sherry AO, Ann

“Keeping heads up while others are losing theirs – the public service operating in a policy world of international and national turbulence and uncertainty”

2016 Spann Oration (to be held on 23 November, 2016. See event listing)


Richmond AO FIPAA, David

Public Administrators as Change Agents and Brokers

2015 Spann Oration


O’Donnell, Lord Gus

Leadership and reform in the public sector: a tale of two countries

2014 Spann Oration


Greiner AC, Nick

1998 – 2013 – 2038

2013 Spann Oration


Bligh, Anna

Dancing elephants and other tantalising possibilities

2012 Spann Oration


Sturgess AM, Professor Gary

Deregulating the Public Service economy

2011 Spann Oration


Gleeson, Gerry

If I were Premier of NSW in 2011

2010 Spann Oration


Watkins, The Honourable John

The future public sector challenge: a bad moon rising

2009 Spann Oration


Shergold, Professor Peter, AC

Collaboration for the Public Good? The State and the Third Sector

2008 Spann Oration


Nixon, Christine APM

Speaking on reforms to Victoria Police

Oration not available


Gallop, Geoff Prof

Strategic Planning: Is it the new model?

2006 Spann Oration


Costello, Tim, AM

Rethinking common wealth: public administration and the public good

2005 Spann Oration


Proust, Elizabeth

Oration not available


Fels, Prof Alan, AO

Oration not available


Staunton, Patricia, AM

Public Administration, Social Justice and the Law: An Inevitable Symbiosis

Australian Journal of Public Administration 59(4): 3-10, Dec 2000


Spigelman, Hon Justice J.

Foundations of Administrative Law

Australian Journal of Public Administration 58(1): 3-10, Mar 1999


O’Donoghue, Lowitja, CBE, AM

In Indigenous Affairs Nothing is New, Just Forgotten

Australian Journal of Public Administration 56(4): 5-10, Dec 1997


Michael Kirby, Hon Justice, AC CBE

Have We Achieved RN Spann’s Vision of Administrative Law?

Australian Journal of Public Administration 56(1): 3-11, March 1997


Ryan, Hon Susan, AO

Options for Reform Governments Beyond the Year 2000

Australian Journal of Public Administration 55(1): 5-11, March 1996


Temby, Ian, QC

Accountability and the ICAC

Australian Journal of Public Administration 49(1): 1-6, March 1990


Cullen, RB

Business, Government and Change: Managing Transition in the Public and Private Sectors

Australian Journal of Public Administration 46(1): 10-19, March 1987


Yeomans, Donald

Canadian Developments in the Control of Public Expenditure

Australian Journal of Public Administration 44(4): 367-375, Dec 1985


Ward, Prof John, AO

Accountability and Resp0nsibility: The University Challenges of the 1980s

Australian Journal of Public Administration 44(1): 73-85, Mar 1985


Wildavsky, Prof Aaron

The Transformation of Budgetary Norms

Australian Journal of Public Administration 42(4): 421-432, Dec 1983