Reid Oration

The Reid Oration was established in 1991 by the Western Australian Division of IPAA to honour Professor Gordon Reid’s contribution to public life.

Gordon Reid AC was a distinguished scholar in the areas of politics, public administration and comparative government. He was Professor of Politics for many years at the University of Western Australia as well as serving as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. From 1984-89 he was Governor of Western Australia. He served as a Councillor, Vice President and President of IPAA WA and was awarded an IPAA National Fellowship in 1983.


Lawrence, Professor Carmen

Maintaining A Civil Society: The Importance of Equality and Education

2012 Reid Oration


Hartley, Peter R.

Climate change and energy security policies: Are they really two sides of the same coin?

2011 Reid Oration


Allen, Peter

Delivering Value to Citizens: the Challenge for Australia’s Federation

Oration not available


Sears, Margaret, AO

Creating a Vision for the Arts and Cultural Sectors in our Capital City

2008 Reid Oration


Kelly, Paul

The Howard Decade – Separating Fact from Fiction

2007 Reid Oration


Michael, Dr Ken AC

The Guiding Strength of Values

Oration not available


Fels, Prof Alan, AO

The Regulation of Business and its Public Administration

Oration not available


Summers, Anne

The Politics of Dissent in an Age of Endangered Democracy

2004 Reid Oration


Hamilton, Dr Clive

Sacrificing Democracy for Growth

2003 Reid Oration


Macintyre, Prof Stuart

Oration not available


Brett, Dr Judith

Meetings, Parliament and Civil Society

2001 Reid Oration


Boyd, Susan

Globalisation and the Public Sector: Changes for Australia

Australian Journal of Public Administration 54(1): 1-7, Mar 1995