Hawkes Oration

The Hawkes Oration is presented at the Annual General Meeting for the Institute of Public Administration Northern Territory Division.

With over 30 years experience at senior executive levels, David Hawkes’ significant contribution to NT public administration is widely recognised. He was Commissioner for Public Employment in NT for 13 years. He was awarded an IPAA National Fellowship in 1994.

The Hawkes Orations have become a regular feature of the Division’s activities. The following Hawkes Orations have been delivered so far:

2011Professor Ian Chubb

Science and its role in public policy

2011 Hawkes Oration


Natasha Stott Despoja

Public Policy in the New Paradigm

2010 Hawkes Oration


Simon Longstaff

The Uses and Abuses of the Public Service

Oration not available


Lynelle Briggs

Public Sector Ethics in the 21st Century: the new vulnerabilities

2008 Hawkes Oration


Vince Kelly

Police – Where do they fit in the industrial relation debate?

Oration not available


Professor Kenneth Wiltshire

The Core Business of Public Administration: Sunrise or Sunset Industry?

2005 Hawkes Oration


Barry Chambers

2004 Hawkes Oration


Clare Martin

After the Restructure: Moving Towards Excellence

2003 Hawkes Oration


Professor Bob Catley

The Northern Territory: Achieving Take Off

2002 Hawkes Oration