Just as the scholarly officials of China, the  Mandarins, successfully adapted their role over thirteen centuries, the role of the modern Mandarin has changed hugely since the term was first used to refer to the powerful bureaucrats who ruled Canberra in the post war period.

Join The Mandarin publisher Tom Burton and editor Jason Whittaker at themandarin.com.au ahead of the launch as they explore what makes a modern Mandarin.

Publisher Tom Burton brings a wealth of experience in publishing, public administration and digital media to The Mandarin. He is a former Walkley award winning journalist, covering politics, economics and communications for the Sydney Morning Herald and as the Canberra bureau chief of the Australian Financial Review. Tom first worked in Canberra as a law and economics graduate in the Department of Finance and most recently led the adoption of digital communications at the Australian Communications and Media Authority and has just completed a digital adviser role to the Department of Communications.

Tom has noted that despite Australia’s world class public sector there is no place where public sector leaders can share their work, experiences and learning with fellow public leaders to help deliver better communities. Tom’s vision is that The Mandarin will be a place for agency heads and public sector executives to engage and collaborate around the development of policies, programs, projects and regulatory solutions, in this demanding and often contentious period of rapid change. Learn more about Tom’s vision for The Mandarin here.

The Mandarin has assembled an advisory board of distinguished public administration professionals and experts, including Geoff Gallop, Ken Henry, Lucy Turnbull, Graeme Samuel, Helen Silver, Gary Banks and Terry Moran to ensure it remains at the forefront of the conversation around the issues and challenges of public leadership and administration in Australia.

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