In 2014, IPAA National is partnering with Private Media and Wiley Publishing to bring members information and analysis of the emerging issues and trends in public administration.

Our partnership with Private Media will mean the new daily news site, The Mandarin, will be available to members throughout Australia as part of their membership package from July 2014. The Mandarin will showcase and share the work of leaders at all levels within Australia’s leading public sector. Join The Mandarin publisher Tom Burton and editor Jason Whittaker at ahead of the launch as they explore what makes a modern Mandarin.

IPAA National is also working with Wiley Publishing to present some of the rich content from the Australian Journal of Public  Administration (AJPA) in fresh ways.  We’ve uploaded some free virtual issues exploring performance, professional capabilities, trust and politics and public servants. We’re working with the AJPA editors and authors to create video abstracts. And IPAA members now save up to 35% off all Wiley Books.

To be kept up to date with how these partnerships will bring public administration trends and issues to your in-box email us at

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