CAPAM International Innovations Awards

The Commonwealth Association for Public Administration & Management’s International Innovations Awards recognises those who have made significant contributions to improving governance and services in the public sector within Commonwealth countries.

The CAPAM International Innovations Awards Programme invites submissions that demonstrate excellence, innovation and quality service delivery in public administration. The programme is open to CAPAM members only. Submissions are judged by public sector leaders representing all the regions of the Commonwealth.

An award will be given for innovations in each of the following:

  • Public service management and accountability
  • Government services and programs
  • Citizen engagement and dialogue
  • Use of technology in the public service.

In addition, a gold medal will be awarded to the innovation that best encapsulates and demonstrates excellence under the overall awards theme.

Each submission to the International Innovations Awards Programme must include:

  • an application form
  • a 50-word executive summary
  • a 1500-word description of the project
  • a USD fee applies.

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