National Standing Committees


National Fellows

Chair: Ray Lane

Members: Elaine Bensted, Carolyn Burlew, Greg Johannes, Andrew Podger, Professor John Halligan and Patty Renfrow

Young Public Sector Leaders Award
Chair: Ray Lane
Members: Prof. Michael Mintrom, Academic Director EMPA Program ANZSOG, and Louise Beehag, IPAA NSW Young Professional

Sam Richardson Award
Chair: Ray Lane
Members: Young Professionals nominated by IPAA Divisions and selected members of the AJPA Editorial Board


Chair: Sian Leathem
Members: n/a

Finance and Risk

Chair: Len Scanlan
Members: Terry Moran, Sian Leathem, Yehudi Blacher and Ray Lane


Chair: Yehudi Blacher
Members: Prof. John Halligan, Anne Tiernan, Prof. John Wanna, Andrew Podger, Geraldine Kennett, Neil Edwards, Jane Treadwell and David Gilchrist

Marketing (including nationwide website)

Chair: Terry Moran
Members: All Divisional Executive Directors and the National Communications Officer


Chair: Yehudi Blacher
Members: Prof. John Halligan, Anne Tiernan, Geraldine Kennett and Prof. John Wanna


Chair: Terry Moran
Members: Tony Katsigiannis, Mark MacDonald, Martin Stewart-Weeks, Gary Sturgess, Dahle Suggett and Pam White


To join a Standing Committee please let the Chair of that Committee know of the expertise and experience you could bring to its work. We are keen for IPAA members to get involved in our Standing Committees, which are the workhorses of IPAA National.