Gill Callister
Victorian Representative
Position: Secretary, Victorian Department of Human Services

Gill Callister is Secretary of the Department of Human Services. Gill oversees and administers the entire department, which covers the responsibilities of the Minister for Community Services and Disability Reform, the Minister for Housing, the Minister for Women’s Affairs and the Minister for Youth Affairs.

Gill chairs a board that includes the executive directors and deputy secretaries responsible for each of the divisions and groups. The presence of the four divisional executive directors on the board (representing the 17 areas) ensures that service delivery is front and centre in strategic and operational decision-making.

Gill commenced as Secretary of the department in August 2009. She has had a long career in human services in both the public and community sectors.

Gill holds Bachelor degrees in Arts and Social Work with Honours. Gill is the President of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (Victoria) and a Board Member of the National Place Based Advisory Council.