Aims and objectives

IPAA National’s Vision is:

  • for the IPAA organisational network throughout Australia to be recognised publicly as the professional face of a confident public sector, fostering high quality public administration at commonwealth, state and local levels.

IPAA National’s Mission is to:

  • work with state and territory divisions and other like-minded organisations to promote¬†professional standards and excellence in public administration, as well as to faccilitate discussion and debate on public sector policies and practices.

IPAA’s National Office strives to:

  • be the public voice of the profession through having an active website and making policy submissions and public statements
  • foster thought leadership by organising annual conferences and providing a web-based Knowledge Centre
  • promote professional standards through publicising divisional training, making public service awards and forging partnerships
  • build IPAA’s national capacity through a National Council, National Standing Committees and a National Secretariat.

The aims and objectives of the IPAA National website are:

  • to act as a focus and entry point for the Institute’s activities at a national level
  • to direct users to divisional and international sites
  • to utilise the internet to assist the business of the Institute, for example¬†through discussion forums or posting of papers, articles or reviews
  • to act as an online repository and to provide national access to IPAA publications, papers and resources
  • to promote national and divisional events and services
  • to provide national resources and assistance to divisions
  • to communicate key national messages to IPAA members.